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Community Event Management

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Castle Cream builds community bonds thru memorable, heartfelt events.  Living in a residential and community association can be a series of wonderful events to remember.  We can make it happen for your community too.  

Castle Cream gets the word out, creates life enriching stories, enhance residents life knowledge with tips and taps from experts, board and management news, events with newsletter development, writing, editing, and printing.   

What People Are Desiring

Board President

"Finally, a community event management company that cares about our residents and bringing the community together!  We want this service."

Boutique Flavor


"I love the boutique charm, and specialized attention given to community social events.  This service will help bring our community together.  Let's keep Castle Community events a secret."

Communication is Key


"A monthly newsletter will help residents to know what is happening in our community.  I hope it will include a variety of content and not just rules and regulations."

Castle Event Management

Lifestyle Management

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Castle Cream, LLC

Community Event Management

Serving Virginia, DC, MD

P.O. Box 2006

Lakeridge VA 22192


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